Artist Bio


Bryon “Mutt” Wackwitz is an artist and illustrator best known being one of the original 49 innovators for Wizards of the Coast’s “Magic the Gathering” game as well many other Collectible Card Games or “CCG” from the 90’s and early 2000’s. Moreover, he has created art for many other games. From 1997-1999 he worked for Wizards of the Coast as the Art Director for the Doomtown CCG game, which won the industry award in 1999 at Dragon Con as Best Graphic Card Game.

Bryon Wackwitz began using “Mutt” as his alias in 1999 when he left the professional illustration field  to open and run a small airbrush and art supply store on Philadelphia’s well-renowned South Street. With his shop, he has built a reputation as being one of the premier airbrush artists on the east coast as well as of having one of the most unique stores in the area. [Prior to beginning his professional illustration career, Bryon owned and operated an airbrush shop during the late 1980’s. He was present during the pivotal moment when graffiti came into its own. He is affiliated with legendary writers and artists such as “Cornbread” who is known as the originator of modern graffiti, Philly Graph X, Dr.revolt, Klass, Dan1, Risk, Disco Duck, and many more.]

Bryon is unique in that he has successfully crossed many genres and mediums of art. He boasts being a successful illustrator and fantasy/gaming artist, having worked with Wizards, Hasbro, and so on. Additionally, he has had his work debut in fashion lines such as Lot 29, which features various cartoon characters; G-Unit, an urban fashion line pioneered by rapper 50 Cent and designer Marc Ecko; and Triple 5 Soul, founded in New York by Camella Ehlke. He has also done private commissions for celebrities such as Ginuwine, Missy Elliot, Beanie Sigel, The Dimplomats, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, The Ruff Ryderz, and more.

Although he has many various successes, he has always had a deep love and preference for the fantastic and fantasy in general. He currently still owns his retail airbrush art studio/gallery and street art boutique in Philadelphia: Mutt Airbrush and Art Supply. Here, he is able to work both on private and public commissions, along with creating his own fine arts projects.